SkyU For Platform Teams

Reduce cloud-native complexities, set guidelines, and make the infrastructure transparent to your developers.

Top performing organisations don't build from scratch.
They use a hybrid vendor toolchain that just works.

Platform and infrastructure teams are pivotal in providing the foundational infrastructure and tools for effective application development, deployment, and scaling. Internal developer platforms empower these teams to streamline operations, enhance scalability, and drive organisational success.

The State of DevOps






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Streamlining Infrastructure Management

Simplify infrastructure management by offering centralized tools and automation capabilities. They enable platform teams to efficiently provision, configure, and manage infrastructure resources, reducing manual overhead and streamlining operations.

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Standardising Development Environments

Provide standardized development environments across development, testing, and production. This ensures consistency and repeatability, with platform teams enforcing infrastructure-as-code practices for reliable environments throughout the software development lifecycle.

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Enhancing Scalability and Resilience

In modern cloud-native architectures, scalability and resilience are critical. SkyU offers auto-scaling, load balancing, and fault tolerance tools, enabling platform teams to design and manage highly scalable and resilient infrastructure solutions.

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Facilitating Self-Service Provisioning

Empower your development teams with self-service capabilities for provisioning and managing infrastructure resources. APIs, templates, and pre-configured environments provided by platform teams enable independent deployment of applications, accelerating time-to-market.

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Enabling Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

CI/CD pipelines automate the software delivery process and foster a culture of continuous integration and deployment. Developer platforms seamlessly integrate CI/CD capabilities with infrastructure management tools, automating testing, build, and deployment processes for frequent and reliable software updates.

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Promoting Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are vital for platform and infrastructure teams. The SkyU platform facilitates collaboration through shared documentation, code repositories, and communication channels. They empower teams to share best practices, troubleshoot issues, and collaborate effectively on infrastructure projects.

Imagine your work without these issues.

A viable way to do DevOps at scale

Self-service for developers. Full control over infra for you.

A viable way to do DevOps at scale
SkyU is a DevOps automation platform that allows you to easily set up and leverage all the necessary functionalities to create your microservices digital platform, orchestrating the entire DevOps suite.
  • Govern all projects in one place
  • Industrialise & automate DevOps
  • Avoid organisational bottlenecks
  • Self-serve developers
  • Solve cloud complexity


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