We advocate for a platform-as-a-product mindset. It helps us navigate "complexity quicksand" while proving value quickly.

For many organizations, the question has shifted from "Should we build a platform?" to "How do we start?" The answer lies in embracing the concept of a Minimum Viable Platform (MVP). Our MVP approach allows you to start small, move swiftly, and remain cost-effective.

Ascend to new heights with SkyU!

The Skyu platform was built for developers, DevOps and architects to seamlessly orchestrate, collaborate, and innovate in a streamlined workflow without sacrificing governance.

Microservices management

The ability to visualise, group, and assign ownership of microservices enhances organisation and accountability. The restriction of one microservice per team promotes clarity in responsibility.


Architecture visualisation

This feature take a blueprint approach with a high-level overview of infrastructure. This helps in understanding system architecture and dependencies. It is crucial for strategic planning and troubleshooting.


Environment management

The platform’s dashboard offer deep insights into environment specifics like cluster allocation and release schedules is essential for effective environment management.


Release and configuration management

Release Scheduling and History functionalities enhances the control and traceability of releases, which is vital for maintaining high-quality deployments. SkyU’s hyper-quick rollbacks is crucial for minimising downtime and maintaining service quality.


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Compliance, Security, and Policies Associated with a Public Sector Enterprise

The essence of GRC lies in aligning IT and business strategies, managing risks proactively, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

DORA Metrics and Engineering Excellence, Achieving Faster Releases

Harnessing the power of DORA Metrics can cultivate improved collaboration among development, operations, and business teams, paving the way for a more cohesive and efficient working environment.

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Maximizing DevOps efficiency by streamlining deployments with GitOps

Integrating GitOps into DevOps practices significantly boosts operational efficiency and deployment speed, fundamentally transforming the software development lifecycle.

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