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Development bottlenecks are common.
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Blurred focus on core competencies

Creating an IDP can be expensive in time, expertise, and resources. Pivoting to new tech, evolving business needs, and handling maintenance, security, and operations can shift attention away from the primary focus - application development.

Investment in innovation versus platform engineering

Platform Engineering
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Why build when you can buy?

A cross-functional approach to DevOps

For Platform Teams

Define golden paths, bring order to cloud-native and delight developers.

For Developers

Forget cloud native complexity, self-serve your preferred stack, and accelerate delivery.

For Ops Teams

Keep Dev teams inside guardrails and deliver via self-service promises.

For CXOs

Enhance productivity, simplify governance, improve developer experience.

Our DevOps automation platform is designed to streamline the daily tasks of a DevOps engineer

Developer Self-Service

    Get independent configuration of CI processes. SkyU will seamlessly manage the CD if you need. Container orchestration through Kubernetes and Docker facilitates flexible infra changes with serverless computing platforms for dynamic scaling. Add containers, manage your clusters and scale effectively.


    The platform’s modular architecture facilitates scalability, ensuring it can adapt to evolving project requirements and technological advancements. In this way, it creates a sustainable and agile development ecosystem.


    Enforce governance policies over source code with Git, employ configuration management and make changes in GitOps. Automated testing frameworks and dependency scanning tools add an extra layer of security. Make the most of Policy as Code (PaC) and solutions like Prometheus for continuous monitoring and adherence to compliance standards.


    RBAC and SSO for advanced security posture. Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures secure user access through IAM solutions. and Intrusion Detection Systems monitors and detects security threats for enhanced security.


    Get a visual map of namespaces interacting and run health checks on deployed apps. Use our template engine to build blueprints for application configs from scratch with your team.

The benefits of SkyU
as a platform

Enhanced Security Posture
RBAC and SSO enhances security and maintenance posture through controlled and auditable access and simplifies the developer onboarding process.
Faster Time To Market
The streamlined delivery pipelines and release orchestration features empower your teams to efficiently manage infrastructure changes, resulting in quicker and error-free deployments.
No Vendor Lock-in
Embrace freedom and flexibility in development. SkyU ensures no locking through a Git-centric approach, empowering you to take full ownership of code and choose the tools that best fit your needs.
360 Observability
Gain insights into your system's performance with integrated multi-dimensional observability, providing a holistic view of your application's health.
SkyU offers live cost optimisation through a Cost Explorer and helps optimise resource utilisation, preventing unexpected expenses and supporting budget management.
Composable Architectures
Build flexible and scalable systems with SkyU's support for composable architectures, enabling adaptability to changing requirements.

Integrations to support any developer experience you need

Tech stack

Alpha release

Discover our marketplace

The upcoming release will introduce our Blueprint Composition Engine derived from the DORA core model. Build 100% custom templates in cross-functional collaboration to drive innovation and competitive edge for the entire organisation.

Beta features included
GitHub integration

GitHub integration

Health checks

Health checks

DNS management

DNS management

Custom security policy

Custom security policy


Ready to dive in? Here are some ways you can learn more.

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