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Adopt modern development practices and support a more agile and responsive organisation.

No more awkward tooling, processes and environments.
The future is platform-as-a-product and clear guidance on where teams should interact.

Merely providing developers with the ability to provision infrastructure is a necessary step, but it’s not sufficient. The goal must be to fully enable those teams to independently ship value to their users. SkyU serves as a game-changer for Ops teams, offering a suite of tools and capabilities to streamline operations and support development workflows.

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Ops can seem hectic when stuck in manual mode

Ops teams still struggle with managing infrastructure and supporting development workflows. Ops teams grapple with manual and repetitive tasks, such as provisioning and managing infrastructure, maintaining system reliability, and ensuring compliance with security and regulatory standards. These challenges not only hinder productivity but also impede the organisation's ability to respond swiftly to market demands.

According to the latest State of DevOps report, high-performing organisations are 24 times more likely to deploy changes on-demand when compared to low performers. Automation and agility in modern operations is largely relevant.

An Internal Developer Platform (IDP) like SkyU offers a compelling solution empowering them to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business agility in today's fast-paced digital landscape.


Infrastructure Automation: Automate infrastructure provisioning and configuration using infrastructure as code (IaC) capabilities, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency across environments.


Compliance Controls: Enforce security policies and regulatory standards with built-in compliance controls, ensuring that infrastructure meets industry best practices and regulatory requirements.


Monitoring and Alerting: Gain visibility into system health and performance with integrated monitoring and alerting tools, enabling proactive issue detection and resolution.


Scalability and Reliability: Scale infrastructure seamlessly to meet evolving demands and ensure high availability and reliability for mission-critical applications.

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Hitting your success numbers now a few clicks away

According to Puppet's survey, a staggering 63% of Ops teams still rely heavily on manual intervention, leading to inefficiencies and increased risk of errors. Additionally, the State of DevOps report underscores the importance of agility and automation, with high-performing organisations being 24 times more likely to deploy changes on-demand.

SkyU empowers Ops teams with the tools and resources they need to overcome operational challenges and drive business success. With SkyU, you can achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) like uptime percentage, mean time to resolve (MTTR) incidents, and deployment frequency with ease. Say goodbye to fragmented toolchains and hello to a unified platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows.


Focus on Strategic Initiatives: By automating manual tasks and streamlining operations, Ops teams can focus on strategic initiatives and value-added tasks that drive business growth and innovation.


Enhanced Collaboration: Collaborate more effectively with development teams by providing a centralised platform for managing infrastructure and supporting development workflows, fostering a culture of collaboration and alignment.


Accelerated Delivery Cycles: With streamlined operations and infrastructure automation, Ops teams can accelerate delivery cycles, reduce time-to-market, and respond more quickly to changing business requirements.

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SkyU and the compliance excellence of your organisation

With SkyU, Ops teams can enforce security policies, conduct automated compliance checks, and maintain audit trails effortlessly, minimising the burden of manual compliance efforts. By providing a comprehensive platform that prioritises compliance, SkyU empowers Ops teams to navigate regulatory landscapes with confidence, safeguarding organisational assets and reputation in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

By enabling DevOps automation with SkyU,
your organisation will enjoy:


Increase in deployment frequency


Increase in DevX


Decrease in failure reduction


Decrease lead time to changes [Dora]

Self-service delivered on promise.

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