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SkyU aims to enable every software engineering team in the world
to deliver code reliably, efficiently and quickly to their users.

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To revolutionise the way development teams operate.

Businesses today need a viable Platform-as-a-Product solution to innovate, collaborate, and deliver exceptional software products efficiently. Sadly not many vendor platforms provide the right balance of flexibility and control to both devs and admin staff. SkyU addresses the diverse needs of modern development workflows by offering a scalable and customisable platform that unifies and serves needs of the entire IT factory.

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The story of SkyU

In 2021, Insighture introduced SkyU, a groundbreaking platform aimed at streamlining software development processes amidst the rise of cloud computing. Recognising the challenge of managing diverse cloud resources efficiently, SkyU was conceived to centralise cloud management, offering organisations a unified solution. Equipped with an intelligent scheduler, SkyU optimised resource utilisation, reducing cloud expenses. As industry challenges evolved, Insighture saw an opportunity to further innovate, simplifying the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and championing DevOps principles.

The brains behind SkyU

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